Land Trust

Land Trust is one of the “big four” funds collected at the state level of the Garden Club of Indiana, Inc., in order to have a greater impact. The funds coordinate with the mission of the organization and as a result of pooling resources; the organization can have a greater impact in causes that are dear to us.

For many, many years, TGCI has partnered with the Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy in its efforts to acquire and protect areas that are threatened or at risk environmentally. At times it has been to protect a specific habitat to protect at risk or endangered species (e.g., the Indiana brown bat). At other times it has been to collaborate to preserve prairie (Kankakee Sands preserve) including the reintroduction of bison to the area during the “bison-centennial” year 2016 honoring Indiana’s birthday. Other projects have included the White River watershed, the Dunes, and other smaller projects of preservation.

This year TGCI is excited to partner with the Central Indiana Land Trust (CILTI) in a coordinated effort to plant trees on farmland adjacent to Meltzer Woods in Shelby County. Meltzer Woods is an old growth stand of timber and incredibly unique in that regard. The effort of TGCI will fund the purchase of the nursery stock native trees which will then be planted and reestablish more forested area for the future. The goal is to raise $5000 which will basically buy about 14,000+ trees for this effort. Meltzer Woods is a property managed by CILTI and is open to the public. Not only are the trees incredible, but during the changing seasons, the beauty and environment are amazing. Much effort has been made to eradicate invasive species and allow the natives to flourish.

Donations may be made by clubs or individuals and as honorariums, or memorials. Donations should be made to TGCI with Land Trust entered in the memo line.

To make a contribution: Download the form and follow directions.

State Chair: Sarah Nahmias

Updated August 2021

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