Plant Trees for Hope

Jayne Kesler, President 2023-2025. My state President’s Project for the next two years is “Plant Trees for Hope.”  Climate change and the warming planet threaten our way of life. Carbon dioxide, the primary driver of global warming, has played a crucial role in shaping our Earth’s climate.  “As an efficient, inexpensive source of carbon capture, trees can be a major part of the solution to mitigate the effects of climate change.” ( Trees can be the solution to support communities, providing calming canopies and a sense of wellbeing; trees can provide hundreds of species which nurture biodiversity for forests, and they can
absorb carbon dioxide and produce approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per tree per year. (Utah Forest Facts: “Trees and Climate Change” by Megan Dettenmaier, Michael Kuhns, Bethany Unger, Darren McAvoy) With increasing concern about climate change, Jayne Kesler chose “Plant Trees for Hope” as her President’s Project to challenge The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. clubs to take a part in providing Hope by Planting Trees. Lucy Larcom captures it by saying,
“He who plants a tree, plants a hope.”


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